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Chinese Mid Autumn Festival Friday 9th September 2022

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival, is a major traditional festival in Chinese culture. It is also celebrated by many other Asian countries. It is a time for family reunion; people will gather for dinners, worship the moon, light paper lanterns, and share mooncakes. MIS celebrated this festival on Friday 9th September. […]


The MIS community were delighted to host our Executive Chairman Mr. Li Min, President of Zhanjiang Cunjin Education Group and Asia International Group
along with the Executive Management Team of the Assumption University of Thailand.as they toured the MIS Campus and discussed the future of international education provision.


Wai Kru Day 1st September 2022

Marking the early days of the school year, the spirit of respect and the sound of chanting filled the air as MIS students gathered together for the Thai ritual of their Wai Kru ceremony. In their languages of English, Mandarin, and Thai, the students once again recognised the special student-teacher relationship.

First Day of School MIS 16th Aug 2022

In order to welcome the new semester, on August 16th, Mandarin International School held a traditional “writing opening ceremony”. All the students of the school wear school uniforms and perform Confucius rituals. Through the traditional Chinese opening ceremonies such as “drumming wise, enlightening and drawing red, flying dreams,  and cinnabar enlightenment”, make the students have […]